latest projects

Immigrant population

See an example in the use of cartograms using immigration data in Gipuzkoa from the Basque Immigration Observatory.

Tour of Donostia

The route follows the limits of the municipality and passes through terrain where hikers can enjoy the countryside landscape, together with peri-urban natural spaces.

Storm damage to a hut

The fall of trees almost 20m high caused damage to the roof of a singular hut and hindered access to carry out a safe assessment. The use of a drone was used to perform a visual inspection of the damage and to make an initial assessment of the risks associated with its removal.

Pitch and Putt

The Pitch & Putt course in Urnieta is the only “Natural” golf course in the Basque Country. The structure of the course is therefore made up of a set of height cuts to distinguish between ‘Greens’, ‘Fair’ and ‘Shrubs’.

Forest school of Olaberria

Baso Eskola is an educational model that develops in nature. The project aimed to design a map for those in charge of education and minors to facilitate the interpretation of the natural environment.

Roof inspection

The objective of the aerial study was to check the state of tightness, the construction design and the conservation appearance of the constituent materials of the roof.