Immigrant population
in Gipuzkoa

Scope of the project

The project aimed to illustate cartographically varying interpretations of the immigrant population in the municipality of San Sebastián, to that of Gipuzkoa. The data was sourced from Ikuspegi – The Basque Immigration Observatory / Immigrazioaren Euskal Behatokia of 2020. Ikuspegi is a public entity that started in 2004 with the aim of understanding the migratory phenomenon in the Basque Country.


The following maps illustrate varying intepretations of the resident population in Gipuzkoa that were born outside of Spain. The raw data clearly demonstrates the high concentration of immigrants in the municipalities of Donostia-San Sebastian and Irun. The normalised data however, shows a more diffuse distribution of immigrants as a percentage of each municipality throughout Gipuzkoa. The higher number of immigrants as a percentage of the municipal population is easily observed in the municipalities of Ordizia, Zaldibia and Leaburu. The distribution throughout Gipuzkoa is perhaps even better understood at a territorial level through the use of a cartogram. The cartogram reflects the distribution of the population of each municipality to the area of the municipality and adjusts its geographic dimensions accordingly.

Image: Immigrant population in Gipuzkoa % (2020)

Attribute table (Source: Ikuspegi 2020)


  1. Ikuspegi – Observatorio Vasco de Inmigración (2020) Territorios históricos por porcentaje de pob. de origen extranjero.