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Passion for maps, data visualization and analysis

Digital mapping and spatial solutions company. Specialization in the areas of landscape design, urban planning, architecture, education, tourism, maintenance and the natural environment.

We provide visualization and interpretation solutions using geospatial software, drones and terrestrial LIDAR.

Andrew Rickard

GIS analyst and drone pilot

Founder of Mapatek. Postgraduate degree in Environmental Management and Master in Environment and Waste Management at the University of Melbourne (Australia). Extensive training in QGIS and more than 15 years of experience in the management of environmental projects and facilities management. He has the Advanced RPAS (drones) Pilot Certificate and is registered as an operator with AESA.
With an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for the outdoors, he brings new perpectives to projects through the use of maps and the application of new technologies.

Andrew Rickard inspeccionando un dron en Mapatek

Gonzalo Tapia

Senior Surveyor and LIDAR Specialist

Mapatek collaborator. Topographical Technical Engineer and Superior Engineer in Cartography and Geodesy, as well as Master in GIS Systems (ESRI).
Extensive experience in the construction and building sector. Currently LIDAR consultant and specialist.

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